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Caption This – Fall 2023

Photo: URI Grist

Do you have a funny idea for a caption for this photo from a vintage URI yearbook?

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January 15, 2024

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  1. “I guess no one else got the memo about wearing a mink coat to class today.”

  2. “Professor has bad habit of spitting during lecture, students avoid front row”

  3. In order to pledge her desired sorority, this freshman was required to wear a fur coat to class during the month of September as part of her initiation.

  4. The photo above indicates that students will continue to steer clear of the front rows in classrooms to avoid being questioned by the professor.

  5. Experience four seasons in a single day in New England?! Shucks, that’s wuss talk. Back in the day, you could experience all four seasons in a single class at URI!!

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