Golden Hour

Golden Hour by Matthew Meigs ’20

Matthew Meigs ’20 captured this image of his cousins, Maddie, Lizzie, and Andrew, in a “spontaneous sprint into golden hour.” It was featured in a recent exhibition at Westerly Camera and Darkroom. The 16” x 20” silver gelatin print he made sold early on opening night.

“I shot this photo in summer 2021 on Central Square in Lynn, Mass.,” says Meigs. “We took the kids on a walk to Lynn Beach, where I walked with a camera almost every day during the pandemic, sometimes making pictures, sometimes not. The kids’ energy really changed the scene for me, so I shot a few rolls along the way. This was the second-to-last frame.”

Meigs is a Local 600 camera loader, photographer, and filmmaker in Providence, R.I. His interest in photography started from skateboarding—a world where creative self-expression in many forms, including photography and videography, thrives. Meigs’ interests, including music, often weave together in interesting ways.

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