Samantha Becotte


Cell and molecular biology

My life has changed significantly. I’m currently working from home, so thankfully I’m still able to work. I work at the Yale Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office in Regulatory Affairs and my responsibilities are doable from home. However, some processes have changed and there are some things I am unable to do. It’s challenging to be unable to see my friends in person, interact with my coworkers in person, or go wherever I want. I have been taking this time to work on craft projects, take courses on Coursera, take time for myself and work on some personal/career development. I have adapted to exercising at home, which has been challenging as I miss being able to do group exercise classes. I have standing video chats with friends for craft nights and yoga. I’ve been communicating more frequently with friends nearby and in other states, and I feel like we are checking in with each other more frequently. I am trying to reach out to people I haven’t spoken to in a while as well. I’m definitely struggling with not being able to go to restaurants, shopping centers, breweries, and anywhere else. I was in the midst of planning some weekend getaways and day trips prior to the pandemic. I miss all of these things about pre-pandemic life as well. It’s hard staying in the house, but I do go for at least one drive a week and order takeout or delivery once a week from local places to support them. I am thankful for it in the sense that I am really pursuing my crafting hobbies, journaling more frequently, and working on educating myself on more topics that I am interested in. I am trying to read more as well, as I love to read but have not been reading as much. I run a book club, and unfortunately it has been on hold during quarantine and I greatly miss it. I’m hoping tohat n the other side of quarantine, restaurants who are now offering delivery continue to do so, and in turn it will open up more jobs for those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. I’m hoping I maintain the regular communication with friends after the pandemic, and to continue devoting regular time to my hobbies.