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Thanks for the opportunity to share our URI/Delta Zeta Covid-19 coping experience!

Since mid-April several of us have enjoyed each other’s company via Zoom. Over the last four calls, we’ve had two dozen sisters—from Hawaii to Maine—jump on a call to share their news. We have grandmothers and some who still have teenagers at home—me! My son is a junior at Hendricken. We have some who have or are currently battling cancer. We have some who have moved to retirement homes or are exploring new countries to retire to (like Portugal) and some who are still very much working girls! We’ve heard some “WOW” stories, like our most athletic sister telling us about her recent backbreaking (literally) skiing accident! We talk about our parents—still with us, and not. We talk about our concerns, our hopes, our future plans, our disappointments…and everything in between!

A screenshot of a Zoom conversation among URI sorority alumnae

We are URI friends, for life. Nancy Lee Sceery ’82 captured our essence: “I think the bottom line … is that our friendship, bond, and genuine caring about each other, our loved ones, and our families transcends all time, illness, politics, and conspiracies. We are all very lucky sistahs! Some of us have not seen each other for over 35 years and still have the same warmth, kindness, caring, and interest in each other that we had under the same roof more than 3 decades ago!!! The power of those types of friendships and commitment to humanity supersedes the power of all viruses! And for those of us who have seen each other within the last 35 years, it’s never enough, and it’s always fabulous being together, even if it’s just a few hours!”

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  1. Such a treat to see our story published.

    A bright spot in this strange Covid journey. Connecting with my DZ Sisters from all corners of the country…during the dark, uncertain days of the pandemic. It was a real treat — and much needed diversion — to spend time with old friends.

    We fell right back in to our cocktail party chatter…just like we were back at the Willows on a Friday night in 1982!!


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