Kevin Gemmell


Mechanical engineering

Life under quarantine has definitely been different but I’m managing well. I’m very lucky to have the ability to work remotely, which has been a big change since I’m usually in an office setting. It takes more discipline to stay focused while working from home. And you have to make sure work and personal life continue to get their own respective time.

Additionally, there have been a lot of viral social media challenges, and my friend and I have created our own: the 5,000 Mask Challenge. We both have family and friends that are essential workers on the front lines. This inspired us to help those in need, especially as we’ve seen PPE shortages across America. Our mission is to donate 5,000 masks to healthcare workers using a design we modified from the University of Florida using H600 sterilization wrap material, which will provide better protection than the cloth masks being made. We want our healthcare workers to be as protected as possible as they continue putting themselves at risk. Here is the link to our project: