Roberta Mudge Humble

’68, M.A. ’71


Two days a week, I work at the Westerly Armory—museum work, grant applications, and cleaning. Our manager (a URI mechanical engineering alum) is there keeping things rolling well. We have lost revenue (drill hall rentals plus major fundraisers). My Rhode Island books and games, which benefit the Armory (, are selling well online, so I am busy packing and mailing those; Some, I can actually drop off and see a smiling face in the window! My brand new Rhode Island game, The Rhode Not Taken, is complete and off to the printer. Normally, I don’t get this done until late summer, so I’m ahead. The 24 stores that carry my Rhode Island books and games (URI is in every one of them) are closed, and online is not my first choice, but it works. I have sent boxes of Seacoast Sweets (owned by a URI mechanical engineering alumnus and his wife) to neighbors and friends around the country, including my freshman roommate, Ruth, who lives in San Francisco. I’d be adapting much better if we could gather a great URI basketball team. Go Rhody!