Jillian Trager


Business, accounting

As a recent graduate, I had been working in my current job for less than a year before the pandemic caused my office to shift to 100% work-from-home in mid-March. In the beginning, this change was difficult, particularly as a newer employee, but it has quickly become the new normal as the weeks have passed. While I miss the workplace environment and my coworkers, I have tried to look for the positive in the situation. For example, I no longer have an hour-long commute and I don’t have to dress up for work every day. The past few months, I have been balancing not just my job, but also my course load as a part-time MBA student at URI, which is now completely online. It is more screen time than I’m used to, but I consider myself lucky to have this time to work on both my education and my career. In my free time, I’ve been completing puzzles with my family, reading more, and catching up on TV shows/movies I didn’t have time to watch before.