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Attracting Excellence: Faces of URI

Jordan Furman
Jordan Furman ’24, Chadwick, N.J.

Verrecchia Scholar
Jordan Furman ’24


Jordan Furman plays the alto sax and competed at nationals for cheerleading. She was a top student at her high school and applied to 10 colleges. Thanks to the Verrecchia Scholarship, she chose URI and is a double major in accounting and communication studies.

What are the benefits of being a Verrecchia Scholar?

“I have access to a personal career coach, internship mentoring and placement, and regular expo- sure to business leaders. In my first semester I participated in the Leadership Institute, which helped me develop leadership skills and introduced me to people with similar interests. I am very happy about the easy assimilation into the URI community.”

What does the future hold?

Furman is excited that a J-Term experience is part of her Verrecchia Scholarship. She is considering South Korea, where she was born, to study business analytics, or Belize to study communications. Once she graduates, she thinks she might pursue a career at one of the big four accounting firms in forensic accounting or auditing.

“I believe there is no better investment than education. When we can provide access through scholarships, we attract outstanding students and we put them in the best position to succeed and contribute to society.”
ALFRED J. VERRECCHIA ’67, M.B.A. ’72, HON. ’04
Carlos Fragoso Uriarte ’24, Johnston, R.I.

Ryan Scholar
Carlos Fragoso Uriarte ’24


Carlos Fragoso Uriarte tutored students in math and volunteered to do science experiments with elementary school children with autism. He captained his high school soccer team and played trumpet in the All-State Band. Thanks to the Ryan Scholarship, he’s a double major in chemical engineering and Italian (he’s already fluent in Spanish) and is considering a minor in mathematics or physics.

What are the benefits of being a Ryan Scholar?

“While this hasn’t been a traditional first semester on campus, the Ryan Scholars are a tight- knit group. Assistant Dean Abdirkin and Dean Libutti have been so helpful and involved. As a group we decided to meet for dinner once a week and did that all semester. We can’t wait to get back to campus to see each other.”

What does the future hold?

Fragoso looks forward to the various hands-on learning opportunities at URI and is particularly interested in energy research. He’s not sure what the future holds but he thinks about earning his doctorate.

“I wanted to ensure that these driven, multitalented students could access the full range of what this University has to offer. We are excited to welcome them to our community and to see them embrace the full URI learning experience. I am confident that they will go on to become tomorrow’s leaders.”
THOMAS M. RYAN ’75, HON. ’99