Coastal Colors

Seascape painting with large sunset sky over water and rocky foreground

Coastal Colors
Kristina Cinquegrana Petrilli ’07
“Dusk on the Rocks,” 2021
11” x 14” acrylic on canvas

Kristina Cinquegrana Petrilli ’07 is a self-described lover of color. The sunrises and sunsets along Rhode Island’s coast are among her favorite subjects. “Dusk on the Rocks,” Petrilli says, was created in many layers over several months in her makeshift kitchen-corner studio. Having her studio space “where all the action takes place in our home,” says this busy mom of two, “has given me the opportunity to add color to my paintings in small increments of time, which is so limited these days.” She adds, “I began with multiple washes over the sky, then the water, horizon line, and finally the shapes and shadows of the rocks. I use my palette knife to bring texture and angles—the unexpected streaks of color and texture make me smile.” Petrilli earned her B.F.A. from URI. She is a senior digital content strategist at URI and runs a freelance marketing and design business. •

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