Caption This

Winning Captions, Fall 2020

Contemplating Crops

A group of people wearing suits and hats examining a garden

This photo from the URI Archives sparked a lot of funny captions from alumni of all ages. The following themes emerged in many of them: kale, Jimmy Hoffa, cannabis, Cabbage Patch Kids, and “Put a woman in charge.”

In fact, our archivists suggest this unlabeled and undated photo may depict an Agricultural Experiment Station contest to see how large the crops could be grown. They held such contests with chickens and other livestock, as well.

It definitely shows our Rhody agricultural roots, and it definitely brought out a comedic bent in many of you. •

Winning Caption

“I don’t know…I can’t see this kale thing ever catching on.”
—Matt Petterson ’06, M.S. ’07


The original cabbage patch kids.
—Bill Rosenberg ’77

Honorable Mentions

“Gentlemen, it seems as though the construction project for the new Student Center is a little behind schedule. Let’s put a WOMAN in charge!”
—Stan Levy ’56 and his daughter, Faith Levy

First cannabis harvest is huge success for URI School of Pharmacy!
—Stephen Koch ’75

“It had to be a Brown Bear or a group of Huskies that did this.”
—David Hiatt, M.S. ’79

Climbing the Walls Correction and Ongoing Mystery

The photo from the summer 2020 caption contest, “Climbing the Walls,” was sent in by an alumnus who said it was Heathman Hall, not Fayerweather, as the fall 2020 explanation stated. Apologies for the confusion. The photo appeared in the 1973 yearbook.

We continue to receive notes from alumni who identify the students pictured and the building they’re pictured in. The notes identify different people and locations, keeping the mystery going. Whoever it was—and wherever—it looks like it was a lot of fun, and we’re glad so many of you have enjoyed trying to identify who’s in the picture and where it was taken.

Photos: Courtesy URI digital archives