Winning Captions: Spring 2021

This photo from the URI Library Archives is dated February 27, 1952. The straightforward description is, “A picture of studio director Pauline Bregnan and William J. Toohey ’55 in the URI Radio Station room.” Your caption ideas and responses, URI Magazine readers, were anything but straightforward. In fact, they were quite creative.

Winning Captions

Two students look at an LP record

“The Beatles? They’re no Kingston Trio. One-hit wonder for sure.”
—Richard McCahey ’69

“It’s called Rock & Roll. It’s a fad that will never last.”
—Michael Kenny ’81


“So Larry says if you play this one backwards you’ll hear the name of every Dorr Hall resident…ever.”
—Timothy Anderson ’97

Notable Submissions

Reader Janis Murray (wife of David Murray ’75) was inspired by this photo, along with the poetry story in the spring 2021 issue, to share a submission in verse:

“I am curious about you.
Your smile captures my mind.
I study vinyl for my own interest,
Your attention surprising,

Hold me closely
Let your fingers explore
my back.
If not, we may miss
this potential match.

Let that smile
Kiss me
And we may see,
The vibe,
The music,
We want.”
From URI’s first lady, the Rev. Lynn Baker-Dooley:
I love this photo as proof that women were involved at our radio station in 1952, but I have to say, without that knowledge, this photo reeks of mansplaining. So the caption might read:

“Let me explain how this round thing works, honey.”
WRIU DJ John Austin Murphy, aka The Monsignor, submitted this caption:

“This record is perfect for your show on WRIU!”

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