How to Be at Peace

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We asked Thupten Tendhar of URI’s Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies to share some expert advice on how to remain present, calm, and peaceful—important during the holiday season, and always.

Thupten Tendhar is a Level II Kingian nonviolence trainer. Born to Tibetan parents, he joined Drepung Loseling Monastery in South India at the age of 12 and studied there for 18 years, earning the respected doctoral level Geshe degree in Buddhist philosophy. He is also a poet and has dedicated his life to promoting compassion for individual and universal peace.

Thupten Tendhar

Be Present.

Cherish the present moment, as it will slip away soon. Do not dwell on any past mistakes or future worries, for they will only burden you with anxiety and more suffering.

Be Open-Minded.

Keep the door to your wonderful mind calm and open to diverse ideas. You can breathe in what you want, and let go of the rest without judging. Judgment brings unwanted conflicts and confrontations.

Be Compassionate.

Practice compassion by treating yourself and others with understanding, kindness, and respect. Everyone deserves to be loved and avoid suffering.

Be Grateful.

Be aware and grateful for the interconnectedness that we benefit from in daily life. Gratitude helps us maintain personal well-being, as well as positive interpersonal relationships. Appreciate time together, and keep it joyful and peaceful.

Watch our video of Thupten Tendhar.

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