Taylor Booth



I’m being the possibility of ease and presence during this time. My love and admiration goes out to frontline workers. I’m proud to have grown up with so many of you.

I’m working remotely as an artist and model in San Diego, CA. My stand for the empowerment of urban youth through art has shifted to lessons via Zoom instead of in a studio setting. I am enjoying my time spent at home while missing face-to-face social interactions. To make up for it, I’m participating in Zoom conferences, co-working groups, and happy hours! The pandemic has paradoxically made everybody touchable as we’re all navigating what’s next together. In one weekly meetup, industry leaders discuss what’s to come for events like corporate fundraisers, concerts, and sports. Another weekly Zoom includes hundreds of participants from around the world, keeping an “overview effect” alive in my mind.

I rode my rollercoaster of emotions, and I now see this time as an opportunity to expand my contribution as a leader. The globe is going through a paradigm shift, and we are all capable of creating the future. I also bought six chicks and planted a veggie garden to stay grounded. Thanks for the agricultural roots, URI!