Paul Lutsky


Business administration

Being a commercial banker, I enjoy visiting clients and attending networking events. Since the quarantine began, most businesses are closed and in-person networking events have been cancelled. What I miss the most is the ability to meet in-person and work with local business owners.


The toughest part of the COVID-19 pandemic is hearing the devastating stories of small business owners who have dedicated their lives to run a successful business and, almost overnight, that business is in jeopardy. I’ve found optimism hearing different ways business owners are getting creative and pivoting to succeed in a time with such uncertainty.

Personally, I’ve found that getting into a daily routine helps generate productivity for working from home. I began working out at a high school down the street and try to keep a similar schedule as if I was going into the office every day.

I think life on the other side of quarantine will continue to look different through 2021. Restaurants will operate at less capacity; sporting events and other public venues will change the way fans interact and participate in a live setting and the way business is conducted will change. I expect many more teleconference / zoom-style events and virtual networking to be the future.

I believe the small business community throughout the country will be the lifeline we need to get back to “normal” and get the country back to work. I remain positive and optimistic that we all will get through this together and come out the other side stronger than ever.