Lismary Perez



I have taken advantage of time indoors to expand in my career as a fine artist. My artwork in general is colorful, abstract, and unrestrained. I found a way to turn it into art that boosts our optimism and overall morale during these times of such negativity.We can find optimism in organic/geometric shapes and lines, and having no restraints can be a positive aspect in our lives. An abstract composition with flowers and urban motifsI have also made precautions and safety procedures a priority. I still struggle with anxiety, stabilizing a sleeping cycle, minor weight gain, and monetary security. The restaurant where I work has been working very hard in these difficult times. I have completed my quarantine and have rejoined them to keep people fed. I miss being able to visit family, interact without restrictions, walk my dog for longer periods, and visit my favorite locations and businesses. I also miss being able to stay out longer in my spare time and interact with nature. My mother’s strong recovery from covid-19 and people engaging and responding to my artwork are two silver linings in my life.