Winter Waves

Samuel Morrissey ’11

“In March 2018,” Sam says, “a series of nor’easters hit Rhode Island. That stretch of weather brought some pretty crazy snow and surf. On March 13, 2018, with forecasters predicting blizzard conditions, I went out to check the surf. There was snow and high wind, and the roads were pretty bad. I always bring my camera when I head out to surf. I snapped this shot of my friend Morgan holding his board just before he paddled out, and I followed. There weren’t any other surfers out, and the waves were great!” Sam, in true surfer style, didn’t want to give away the exact location of this photo, but did share with us that it was on the coast in South County, Rhode Island.

Samuel Morrissey graduated from URI with a B.F.A. in photography. He is a professional photographer and co-owner of Endeavor Studios in Wakefield, R.I.

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