Francisco Bechara


Civil and environmental engineering

This crisis has taught me the importance of being home all the time with immediate family. I really appreciate the work and time everyone dedicates to make the home what it is. You take it for granted day in and day out.

I must say that at the beginning, this situation was easier. But six weeks on full lockdown has been challenging. I am in construction so we are basically shut down. But all my employees are taking home their payroll check nevertheless, so I think that is helping. Every day making a plan for the next day and accomplishing all tasks. Cooking, organizing personal things, making the new business plan to accommodate the future of the business and being mentally ready and up-to-date. I do as much remotely as much as possible. Meetings with colleagues and trying to continue business with teleconferencing. Grocery shopping needs to be in-person.

A graduation picture and a picture in front of Bliss HallI am struggling to understand politics and government and how it just has gone to the darkest moments. It is SAD. And I miss hugging, shaking hands, restaurants, and golf. But we need to be optimistic and keep the faith that everything has a reason. We are Catholics and have found that listening to Pope Francis every morning is a great way to start our day. I am not using my free time for TV. NO TV. Instead, fix something that you have postponed. Learn something new.

Hopefully, through this, we can learn that the WORLD is one and that what separates us needs to be put aside.