Kira Wencek


Computer science and art

On one hand it’s been rough. In March I was working at a rock climbing gym that had to close, and this summer (April–October), I had been hired to work as an outdoor rock climbing and zip line guide in Alaska, but the position got postponed and then, more recently, cancelled—extremely disappointing. The silver lining for me has been establishing a weekly virtual Anime Night with two groups of friends. (Anime is animation from Japan; my friends and I watch in Japanese with English subtitles.) When we were all at URI together, we used to do this in person, but it’s been years. It’s wonderful to be in touch with them; we talk via voice call and one person shares their screen with the show. Had quarantine not happened, I don’t think I would be as connected with or watching anime with either group. It’s been an amazing mood lifter and enjoyable time that I’m really thankful for.

An illustration from a episodic video gameAn illustration from a episodic video game