Alexa Stewart


Public relations and communications

I began my full-time job as a public relations coordinator following graduation last May. Working in an office and moving for a job was a transition in itself, but it was rewarding to put my hard work at URI to good use and drive positive change in the world with my company. For example, we work with associations that help provide high-quality video while using video-chatting platforms as well as other associations that we have worked with to license over 1,000 nurses in Boston. Being able to shift gears and work to help clients navigate the best way through these unprecedented times is new for everyone, no matter how much experience in the field they may have. Luckily, I am able to work remotely and my job has made it easy to transition to a full-time remote environment. These are trying times, which of course adds weight to each day, but keeping a regular routine—especially making time for yourself and being intentional with your actions—is definitely impactful.